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1331 Garnet Ave. Pacific Beach

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$1.00 Book Sale


Everyday [weather permitting] I have an assortment of books for only $1.00! There are 2 carts full of fiction and 2 carts full of non-fiction.

These books are sold and replaced rapidly so each time you visit there are new things to see.

Where do the books come from? I get most of them through donations as well as from in-store items that are slightly damaged or over-stocked.

Think of it as a Garage Sale that happens everyday!



Pennywise Books
1331 Garnet Ave.
San Diego CA 92109
Cross Street: Fanuel
Established: 1982

(858) 270 - 1640


10:00 - 5:00
Closed Sundays
& Mondays

Holidays & Vacations

Book Donations
Always Welcome


Prices: 50% Cover Price
Or Trade: 1 for 1 + 25% Cover

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